It’s strange to see backpackers carrying their big bag. Does they did’nt feel back pain ? Try to practice these six steps each time you want to keep your luggage traveling, confirm you do not need to check in a bag. Save some money!

1. Put all the items on the surface

It’s easy to position and arrange all the stuff you want to pack on a wide surface. You also can re-check your things again.

2. Bring the stuff you really need

You go everywhere with the heavy bag, the goods are only 40 percent. Others? You’ve wasted that space. Hold these two principles: bring things that do not slow down the momentum of the body, but lighten it.

3. The important stuff is in the last


The important thing is that you will put in the bag first because dont want left behind. When you want to save space, you need to pack clothes and goods in a “reverse order”. So the goods or clothes that you really need need to be inserted at the end because this is what you will always use.

4. Knowing exactly the weight of each itemIf you have the type of backpack that will carry it, the tips are useful: the heaviest item should be placed in the center of the bag and close to your spine position. WHY? It balances your weight rather than pulls your body. Tips for luggage: Divide into three parts: moderate weight (bottom layer of the bag) | weight (middle layer) | light (top layer)

5. Fold, roll and tie

If you fold all the clothes, you don’t have enough space. Roll and tie: large items or clothing. For other items, you can fold in the same shape as everything is easy to split in the bag.

6. “There is a bag in the bag”

No need to complicate the makeup of any kind. Try removing electronic items (hair dryers, shavers), bath items, caps and so on in a small transparent bag. It’s best to be able to: plastic ziplock. Okay, this stuff is important so it should be put on the top layer of the bag. But it depends on you.


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