Each traveler has its own way of traveling and style. The same is the kind of accessories and gadjets to carry. For those who love ‘light’ travel and want something simple and easy, smartphones are the best choice.

Recently, DxOMark Image Labs has released the latest smartphone rating of the best. For those who have thought of switching the phone, it may be the models of these models. What a pleasure to make a decision to buy a phone later. To determine this ranking, people consider several factors based on the ability of the phone itself. Not just a camera.

#1. Samsung Galaxy S9 Plus

For example, you always have a beautiful and perfect picture every time you travel, you can upgrade it with S9 Plus. The reason is, quality pictures and videos are among the best. In terms of resolution produced, even after zoom will produce bright images, and beautiful colors.

Price : RM3,799

                                                                 Sample photo

#2. Google Pixel 2

Sorry for iPhone users, android phones are second place with 98 points from 100. Before exiting S9, Pixel 2 is on the number 1. Reason, proper autofocus function, solid flash and detail on every snapshot image. That’s why most photographer likes Pixel 2.

Price : RM3,199

Sample Photo

#3. iPhone X

Despite being in third place, in fact the difference between each other is 1 point only. Actually the marks for this iPhone X for the picture are higher than Pixel 2, the lesser the video’s function makes him close to number 3. If you want to compare with the iPhone 8 Plus, the X ni model has a better zoom function, exposure and color are more attractive.

Their potrait mode featureis very awesome!

Price : RM5,899

Sample Photo

#4. Huawei Mate 10 Pro

For Huawei Mate 10 Pro, their advantage is two Leica lenses that allow him to tie with the iPhone 7. Due to the good picture results even in low light conditions and zooms, this phone is given a high score. Plus, the autofocus function is highlighted.

Price : Rm3,099

So what? Not worth it? Each price is like dSLR. Hehehe … But, dSLR can not play whatsapp or call people … yeah?



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