If you have plans to holiday in Tokyo, you must stop at Mori Building Digital Art Museum. Hosted by Mori Building Co.Ltd, one of the world’s leading developer of landscape art and teamLab.

Starting open to the public since June 21, this digital art museum features approximately 50 interactive artworks! In other words, we can interact with people’s artwork.

Every artwork will be ‘started’ when you go through one area because all of them are accompanied by motion sensors. In addition, each work will respond with movement and touch. So, you are encouraged to touch and ‘turn on’ the works that are here.

What is interesting is that each of these works has no separation. Some will complement other artworks, some fill the exhibition space and so on

Each artwork is produced using 520 computers and 470 projectors. However, if everything is closed, it’s just an empty hall. Given title ‘borderless’ or without borders, no signage, guide or map for visitors. So, you’re free to go this time in this museum.

In other words, you will not be able to experience this kind of anywhere in the world. For that reason, you have to stop. Feel the difference here.

It is located at Aomi, Koto-ku, Tokyo 138 Odaiba Palette Town, Tokyo 135-0064, Japan tours from 11am to 9pm (daytime), 10am – 10am (Saturday) and 10am – 8 pm (sunday).

Entrance fee is 3200 yen or RM115 for adult and 1000 yen for RM36 for children. Tickets can be made here.


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