Malaysians really love to travel to Australia as well as near and cheap with Air Asia flights, Australia also has other living cultures and from Asian countries

Based on record at, Australia is among the top destinations for Malaysians to travel and continue their studies.

Recently, a report from dailymail said Australia would be in a great cold weather and could say that it was such a cold weather that did not hit Australia. In fact, there are some places that never go down snow will be snowy. For those of us who are in the equatorial weather it seems excited but the fact that the extreme cold weather is a bit of a nuisance sometimes.

It seems that the most damaging place is in the northern part of Australia because in this area we know that the weather is not very cold very much in southern Australia. However, South Australia’s weather will grow colder than usual in southeast Queensland. It may also be extreme cold weather in Australia as a result of “Beast from the East” that hit the European countries this time. In fact, the lake in Amsterdam is still freezing until it can ski.

Not only the Europeans who are in the extreme colds but the Americans are the same. Malaysia is unlucky if it works. Hehe Ok for those who want to travel to Australia in winter please make extra preparations. Especially in terms of usage.


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