Recently when I made a night walk in Sandakan I was served with a soothing and sunny night sky. All the stars can be seen. The night sky is so “clear” it’s hard to see it in KL like this. It is ‘meteor shower’? The meteor shower occurs when the remaining ‘comfy’ remains of comets or asteroids enter the earth’s airspace.

The remainder of this crystal is often the space rocks known as ‘meteoroids’. When it drops toward the earth, the heat causes it to heat up. The bright light we saw was due to the hot air behind the burning stone. It is known as ‘meteor shower’

Meteor Perseid (one of the ‘types’ that only takes place around August each year) or ‘Shooting Stars’ can be seen (with the naked eye) anywhere in our country, as long as the place is dark

1) Tanjung Simpang Mengayau

Located in the north part of Borneo Islands, in Kudat district, Sabah. Its location is amazing at night because often, the sky is cloudy. The beach is also dark and is suitable for viewing meteor.

2) Kampung Teluk Pelanduk, Port Dickson

This fishing village is located just off the Lexis Hibiscus resort. You can wait at jetty that extends into the sea. It’s always full on weekends, but it’s appropriate and safe for those who want to see the stars in the sky.

3) Cameron Highlands

The location is suitable for star seaweed due to lack of air pollution. The most strategic place is the road leading to the Boh Tea Estate. If you want to see the stars, you can park the car by the roadside and look towards the valley skyline.

4) Pantai Malindo, Penang

This fishing village is located on the Burong River. It’s quite difficult to get here (follow the way up), so first make sure the location is right. To the left of Jalan Bharu is the Sungai Burong mosque while the government clinic on the right. Once crossing the mosque, enter the left lane and you will reach the beach side.

5) Pulau Tioman, Mersing


Popular location for stargazing. Many local cafes and motels in Kampung Lalang and Kampung Genting. In fact, accommodation and food rentals are also quite affordable. Collect to the beach to wait and see the star’s rain.

6) Kuala Selangor, Selangor

Remis Beach and Redang Sekinchan Beach, close to Kuala Selangor, are 2 locations near the Klang Valley. From Petaling Jaya to Remis Beach takes about an hour while Pantai Redang is about 90 minutes. Both locations are quiet and dark at night, and can be tracked by car. If you want to look at the stars, the place is quiet and dark, so be careful if there are wild animals or people who are intentional. Better, go to a group (see and take the weapons if necessary.



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