Switzerland is one of the many holiday destination destinations. Namiun because Switzerland is one of the most expensive countries to visit makes many people forget about going to Switzerland. The best thing to do is to be paid for a high price. In addition to expensive countries for vacations there are still 10 facts that many people do not know about this Swiss country. Let’s see what the 10 things are!

1. Unnamed State or President!

Believe it or not Switzerland has no capital and no president, but the country has 4 different languages. The Swiss people also have the right to cancel the law in parliament. Nevertheless, until now there has never been a problem with the law.

2. Permitted use of Firearms

Wow. That’s what makes me stunned, many think Switzerland is one of the safest countries in the world because it’s hard to hear bad stories about this country, believe it or not Switzerland is a country that allows the use of firearms to its people after the age of 18. Maybe that’s why people do not dare to do it. \ The fact is that there are 8 million Swiss and 4 million firearms out there. It means 50 firearms for every 100 people. (reference) Switzerland is also the world’s lowest crime rate. (reference). After 10 pm the sale of alcohol is not allowed! (reference)

3. Corruption Is All Right

In 2017, Switzerland was the third most corrupt state. For them these activities are more effective for payment. (reference). If Swizerland is in the 3rd place, it’s pretty much what Malaysia is in?

4. Fines depend on Income

If only in Malaysia do the best law. That’s what our ministers have to say when they talk. In Switzerland the most expensive fines are not in compliance with the speed limit. You can be fined up to 650 thousand Euros for speeding off 180 km per hour.

5. Chocolate is the most exported product

In Bern more than 7 million Toblerone chocolates are produced every year. Not long ago brown Ruby was produced. Selaoin, Swiss company Valcambi also created a gold bar which you can break into small and make payments through gold. (reference)

6. Swiss Army Knife Comes From Rome!

The Swiss Army Knives appeared in the 19th century. This knife was very popular. But many do not know this knife comes from Rome. At the Cambridge museum you can find items such as spoons, garages, spatula and toothbrush used in ancient times. The only piece of Swiss military knife not produced in Switzerland is the bottle opener. It’s made in Japan.

7. Santa Claus is accompanied by strangers

Santa swiss named Samichlaus. It is always accompanied by strangely and fear-inspiring friends aimed at punishing the naughty children with the wood they carry. Santa’s friend named Schmutzli. On every 6th december the santa will come with a chunk of chocolate to be given to children in Switzerland.

8. Hotel “Null Stern” Is a Hotel Type “Open Air”

Must be cool. Located in the Swiss Alps the twins of Frank and Patric Riklin have opened an open concept hotel. Fuhh is challenging the hotel. How much is it yesterday night? Dare you to stay here? The price for one night is $ 300 for a non-ceilinged hotel and this wall, located about 4,000 feet above sea level this hotel also provides tv and table. The best view of this hotel is the real Switzerland view. If honeymoon is very suitable.

9. First Leaves of Chestnut Tree in Geneva Symbolize Spring

In Geneva, more than 200 years of spring’s arrival is determined by the first leaf that grows on the Chesnut tree. The spring habit will come in March. In 2012 the first leaf of the chesnut tree came out in December and in that year the spring here was said to come twice a year.

10. Dutch Rat Dear Highly Loved

If you want to buy a mouse, you can not afford to buy one. It is said that this will be quiet if there is no partner. That’s right. People also want to be friends. If one of his spouses dies, the defender will have to find a new partner for this beast. Even rent can be mistaken. There are packages for this animal rental. Different with the cat, Kat can even split a kuciong but your cat should be allowed to meet his partner even at the edge of the window. If you do not buy 2 tails.

That’s a little interesting facts about Switzerland, weird …


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